Secure your home or work premises with guaranteed new security systems, new doors and complete door repairs:

If you’ve ever come home or arrived at work only to find one of the doors has been forced, that gut
wrenching feeling of personal space violation is a sickening feeling. At a time like this you need a fast
responsive locksmith, one who can facilitate lock changes, intruder detection systems and of course fast
door repairs to make good the damage. If you or anyone you know is in need of any of these services
now or in the future, read on a little more about what the team at Lock It Right can do for you.


There are crime hotspots everywhere but you don't have to live in one to be a victim of
burglary or theft

All over the country there are crime hotspots, but not living in one doesn’t guarantee you’ll never be
visited by a lowlife criminal. Many crimes are opportunist, and merely having enhanced security features
will deter the opportunist as well as the more determined criminal. Living in any one of the following
areas leaves you vulnerable to an increased risk of opportunist theft and break in:

  • Battersea
  • Brixton
  • Blackheath
  • Crystal Palace
  • Dulwich
  • Lewisham
  • Catford
  • Chelsea
  • Kingston

However, looking at the list you may be thinking that it is only central and greater London which is at
high risk. If you believe that you couldn’t be further from the truth. Of the one million (1,000,000) or so
reported burglaries, break ins and thefts committed at residential and commercial premises in England
alone every year, the leafy lanes of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex and Berkshire among others have their fair share.

Note that the term ‘reported burglaries, break ins and thefts’ used earlier; many people don't even
report to the police because they do not have to make a claim on their insurance policies, and if truth be
known the official figures quoted are probably about sixty to seventy percent of the real total.

Is anywhere safe from the bad guy?

Recent crime figures for the following areas show a worrying trend regardless of geographical location;

  • West Malling
  • Sidcup
  • Sevenoaks
  • Redhill
  • Farnborough
  • West Wickham
  • Tonbridge

Assistance to the criminal is given by leaving doors and windows not secured effectively, lack of alarm
systems and poor lighting. An outside light operated by infra red detector will deter most potential

Many crimes committed on residential and commercial properties in these and other areas outside
what you might consider crime hotspots are as a result of lax security and an ‘open door’ policy to
opportunism theft. Taking steps to prevent the potential of opportunist as well as serious criminal
activity will make things more difficult for them. A few simple precautions and security equipment will
deter and protect your property and help keep your insurance premiums in check.

What can the team at Lock It Right do for you?

Prevention is better than cure and certainly a lot less hassle than having to pay for window and door
repairs, going through the pain of personal space violation and counting the cost of stolen items. Many
items which are stolen, damaged or desecrated during a break in or burglary are irreplaceable, have
little or no monetary value but are treasured possessions full of memories.

The team at Lock It Right can offer expert advice and put your mind at rest, preferably before any
criminal activity takes place. By installing dead locks, security grills and bars, house and commercial
premises alarm systems, safes, vaults, security doors and dead bolts we can turn your home or
commercial premises into an unassailable fortress.

For more information or indeed active measures to protect and secure your home or commercial
premises, give the team a call now and let’s do something together to deter the bad guys and reduce
your exposure to potential criminal activity.